Review Request: Enable kDebug/kWarning/kError colors when sending output to file instead of tty

Johannes Sixt j.sixt at
Fri Feb 18 08:24:15 GMT 2011

Am 2/17/2011 21:49, schrieb Sergio Luis Martins:
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> Review request for kdelibs.
> By Sergio Luis Martins.
>   Description
> The existing KDE_COLOR_DEBUG env variable enables colors for output sent to a tty.
> This patch introduces a new variable, KDE_COLOR_DEBUG_ANY_FD, which enables colors sent to any file descriptor, not only terminals.

Why a new variable? Wouldn't it be possible to give the value of
KDE_COLOR_DEBUG a meaning? For example:


could enable the new behavior, any other value (except empty) the old

-- Hannes

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