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Michael Pyne mpyne at
Thu Feb 17 01:03:12 GMT 2011

On Thursday, February 17, 2011 00:19:56 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> >> What specifically do you mean by "creating useful history" though?
> >> i.e.
> >> what should be done additionally in a rebase workflow to get the
> >> useful
> >> history you refer to?
> > 
> > Do this:
> cd /tmp
> git clone git://
> cd grantlee
> git remote add mjansen git://
> grantlee.git
> git fetch mjansen
> gitk --all
> Now look at the commits in the experimental branch from mjansen (before
> v0.1.5).
> See that some commits do lots of things at the same time/in the same commit
> and should be split.
> There's also commits for s/todo/TODO/, fixing copyrights etc. Having those
> in separate commits is not 'useful historical data'.

That's a great example, although I will point out that it is possible to have 
fixed many of those in either workflow, by using git-rebase before pushing 
fixup commits, commits that should be split, etc.

Having a rebase merge strategy does give you an additional chance to fix 
commits since you're rewriting commits anyways, although that brings back the 
email issue.

Of course as long as the number of commits involved is fairly small it sounds 
like either way should work fine (and there's still the argument that people 
are just going to do whatever anyways...), so it's probably worth documenting 
how either workflow should proceed, and where it could be used, or should not 
be used.

 - Michael Pyne
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