git workflow draft

Michael Jansen info at
Wed Feb 16 23:51:29 GMT 2011

> mjansen might just have been following a 'never rebase public branches'
> philosphy, but that really doesn't work for me. It was a complicated feature
> requiring lots of refactoring.

Hehe ... as the one doing the code i would say it was more like ....

mjansen stumbled through unchartered territory with a blindfold and no clear 

Or in other words.  I knew what i wanted but not the means to do it. So i did 
try and error while understanding your code. There is no way i could have 
created a clean history for that branch unless doing it twice. Which more or 
less happened with you beeing the one doing it twice.

Overall i concur with your email. It it just not always possible for mere 
humans like me.


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