git workflow draft

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Wed Feb 16 22:51:20 GMT 2011

Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Ah, you clearly have no understanding of the damage a "flood" or
> "email bomb" causes.

Correct :)

> Prior to being made available for mainstream use, in the
> 1st generation of hooks, a flood occurred.
> This flood completely filled ktown's email queue, preventing any
> email from being delivered until sysadmin destroyed the
> offending emails from the queue. For the emails that were delivered,
> it caused many bug reports to be altered, creating even more traffic,
> and placed an enormous amount of stress upon CIA, which took many
> hours for it to recover from, and blocked notifications for all other
> open source projects which use CIA for several hours.
> The effects of an email bomb can be extremely dangerous. They cannot
> be permitted to occur under any circumstances.

Ok, thanks for educating me there.

It sounds like what is needed is throttling built into the git hook. Is that 

while (!availableCommits.isEmpty()) {
  // process 15 commits
  availableCommits = dispatch(availableCommits, 15);
  sleep(30 seconds);

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