splitting up kdebase in git

Davide Bettio bettio at kde.org
Fri Feb 11 22:36:05 GMT 2011


On 02/11/11 22:44, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
>> Since that location in SVN is now a bit obscure, perhaps we should
>> create a new SVN module called trunk/KDE/kdebase-wallpapers.
> kde-wallpapers? Because ...
>> The context here is that: SVN is just better then Git at storing
>> stuff like wallpapers, so I think we should consider it as the best
>> longterm solution for big binary blobs. But wallpapers are required
>> by kdebase-workspace.
> ... because kdebase/workspace became kde-workspace in Git.

I would like to underline that they are our default wallpapers (they
used to be part of kdebase and they musn't be confused with extras
wallpapers in kdeartwork).
Anyway trunk/KDE/kde-wallpapers should be ok too.

Davide Bettio.

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