proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Wed Feb 9 19:02:52 GMT 2011

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, Harri Porten wrote:
>> On Tue, 1 Feb 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> > we could end up with a "new kdelibs" module that contains just the core
>> > stuff such as kdecore, kdeui, kio .. there could be requirements in
>> > there about allowable dependencies between those libraries.
>> [...]
>> > the big change here would be that applications that require different
>> > parts of the KDE Platform might have to define which parts to include
>> > (e.g. KTextEditor interface) rather than them being provided implicitly
>> > in one big chunk as it is now.
>> Would that be really such a big change? We can certainly redefine a "new
>> kdelibs". But I think it will always be just another set where some
>> (sometimes arbitrary boundaries) are drawn. In my eyes, KTextEditor is
>> just a very random example. Will we next have the same discussion about
>> KFileDialog? It uses KPushButton. Should we move out both to avoid
>> sideways dependencies?
>> What I want to say: we can always define what kdelibs comprises. It can
>> be small, it can be big. I don't see a technically perfect optimum,
>> though. At best we can strive for "reasonable".
> agreed; and in the case of KFileDialog, i would expect it to be classified
> as "platform target" and moved "higher" up the chain than the "dev
> frameworks". and then there is no "sideways" dep between it and anything
> in libkdeui: libkdeui would be dev framework, KFD would be platform
> target.
> a more layered approach, iow.
> the purpose of all this would be to create something that has a profile
> which 3rd party developers are more likely to take up. right now "all of
> kdelibs" is too much and we're losing lots of potential developers. being
> able to cherry pick just libsolid, e.g., would be a big win. kdelibs is
> better than it was in kde3 times, but there's still some serious mashing
> going on between app dev frameworks and platform target stuff (this is an
> insight i first heard from thiago, btw; i take zero credit and/or blame
> for it ;)

There is a wiki page for this stuff by the way. Feel free to review it or 
add to it.

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