KJob::Capabilities and KWidgetJobTracker

Matthias Fuchs mat69 at gmx.net
Wed Feb 9 17:52:57 GMT 2011


I wonder wether setting capabilties for KJobs should be "required".
Currently you are presented with a "Pause" button in KWidgetJobTracker, even 
if the job does _not_ have the Suspendable capability.

Imo what would be nicer is jobs emiting a signal capabilitiesChanged to which 
all the graphical trackers -- be it the ones provided by Plasma or whatever -- 
connect and then change the ui accordingly. E.g. displaying a Pause button for 
jobs that support suspending.

Now one backdraw could be code assuming the current behaviour --> i.e. 
ignoring capabilities to some (KWidgetJobTracker) degree.

What do you think? Are there some other backdraws I have not thought of?

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