and git

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Sun Feb 6 11:52:33 GMT 2011

Hello all,

another question about git.
Some time ago, I "forked" oxygen to playground/artwork/oxygen-transparent in 
order to have a version of oxygen that supports ARGB windows and transparency.

I was keeping the source in sync with official oxygen (cause the amount of 
changes needed for this ARGB support is quite small and well compartimented) 
by using script, which obviously does not work since we moved to 

That was easy and working well. 
How can I achieve the same now that official oxygen is in git (in kde-workspace) 

Detailed instructions would be prefered, since everything i have tryed so far 
(git format-patch mostly), has failed miserably. 

(my fear is that in the impossibility to do that, the fork will slowly die, by 
getting out of sync with oxygen transparent, and withing a few month it will 
basically not be supported any more). 

Thanks in advance,


PS: I also plan, at some point to move oxygen-transparent from svn to git. 

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