Keyboard shortcuts get wild.

Mark markg85 at
Sat Feb 5 16:51:16 GMT 2011


let me first point you to this image (kde 4.6.0) :

Oke, first one shortcut in that image.
I consider myself a experienced computer user in both windows and linux but
today i learned new shortcut things.
ALT + d, a (which is pressing ALT and type 'd' and 'a' while ALT is
pressed.. i didn't knew any combinations like that before)

Now lets consider what i wanted to do. What i wanted is opening the dialog
to add widgets to my desktop.. that's it. Now that shortcut isn't working
and i reported that here : but i
wonder what the rationale is behind ALT + d, a...

ALT, i can understand.. but D and A..? What does D mean? What does A mean?
The thing i want to do is "open the dialog to add widgets" and to describe
it simple i would say "add widgets" but i can't find any of that back in the
shortcut.. I would have expected something like this "ALT + a, w" for
"adding widgets" and "ALT + a, a" for adding activities...

One that is obvious is the desktop settings is ALT + d, ALT + s even though
ALT + d, s is also working so i suspect there is a bug in there. However,
it's not consistent with other setting shortcuts. You can see the desktop
settings as "properties" and in dolphin they use "ALT + Return" for that.
(what i find odd is that ALT + Return opens dolphin when not opened..)

so perhaps it's time to take a real good look at all our shortcuts and
define some generic application shortcuts that are the same in every
application that makes KDE SC.

Just a little brainstorm.
What do you think?

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