Merge or Cherry-Pick?

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Thu Feb 3 08:29:45 GMT 2011

On Mittwoch 02 Februar 2011, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > if I continue developing the app in master and fix some bugs
> > on the way, the fixes will be in master first. I would not
> > always want to put them into 4.6 at once because testing in
> > master is much easier and comes at much less cost while
> > development goes on. So I might even want to wait some days
> > or even weeks until backporting fixes.
> Laziness is not an argument -- it's just an excuse.
> If you find a bug that applies to 4.6, why will you not fix it
> there?

sometimes because 4.6 is already frozen, so I wait until I
can commit for 4.6.1. In general I see first testing in master
as an additional level of testing - after backporting
to 4.6 I can still test that again as needed.

and - how often did you test something only to find out
later that the user does things differently and finds
different bugs? using the bug-fixed master for development
did already help me to avoid backporting bugs.

> In my experience, testing the stable releases is easier.
> Testing the  development versions usually cause trouble
> because of unfinished features and untested new code.

for Kajongg I am practically the only developer so I 
normally know what is going on

but I like Felix's idea - create a new branch in master
for every bug fix I expect to backport. I will
definitely have to learn more about git...

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