Merge or Cherry-Pick?

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Wed Feb 2 10:46:20 GMT 2011

On Dienstag 01 Februar 2011, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > That's not always true. Some changes will be specific to
> > 4.6, because sections of code in master can get rewritten,
> > features added or removed, so the changes won't be
> > applicable there.
> That's not a problem or an excuse.
> Make the change in 4.6, merge to master, fix the conflicts and
> then push both  branches.

if I continue developing the app in master and fix some bugs on
the way, the fixes will be in master first. I would not always
want to put them into 4.6 at once because testing in master is
much easier and comes at much less cost while development goes
on. So I might even want to wait some days or even weeks until
backporting fixes.

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