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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Feb 1 21:37:26 GMT 2011

hi everyone ...

with git having finally arrived more-or-less, we find ourselves without a well 
defined work flow for kdelibs (and by extension other KDE repositories)

i don't think we can or should hope and pray that our sysadmins will perform 
another magic trick and solve this for us, nor can we all just sit here 
looking at each other.

so i'd like to suggest that we gather on irc in the near future and hammer 
this stuff out. weekends tend to be better for many it seems, so i've put up a 
doodle here:

where you can register your intention to attend and when you can. it covers 
this weekend and next. i can't attend this weekend, but that shouldn't stop 
others if this weekend is best for the majority.

a draft agenda might look like:

* 3rd party examples we can learn from: 
* topic branches
	* strategy overview
	* git recipes for the common cases
* bug fixes
	* dealing with an unmergable 4.6
	* 4.7 and beyond
* handling trivial changes
	* require branches, allow direct to an integration branch or even master?
* other common tasks that we should offer nice little recipes for?
* adapting
* using content from
* identifying other pages on techbase that need work
* first draft of workflow documentation

the goal should be to emerge from a few hours of meeting with a draft being 
started based on the early consensus drawn from the meeting. the document(s) 
can then be passed here on k-c-d for a comment period and then pushed into 
official status once there's general consensus.

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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