Initial support for kde_projects.xml in kdesrc-build

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue Feb 1 18:53:40 GMT 2011

On Monday 31 January 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Sunday, January 30, 2011, Michael Pyne wrote:
> > Like I said, "xml-support" branch on kdesrc-build git. If you want to
> > give
> _very_ cool. will the good news today never end? ;)
> serious question: once this is stabilized, can we make this the default
> recommended way of building KDE from git on techbase?
> pros that i can think of:
> * it would mean that we could cannibalize the docs for kdesrc-build for
> those pages on techbase
> * it would be a lot simpler to document than the current 7 headed hydra
> monster pages we have now :)

The big thing is getting all the required dependencies built and installed, or 
do you see other things which are complicated in building KDE modules ?


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