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Anders Lund anders at
Tue Feb 1 08:30:58 GMT 2011

On Tirsdag den 1. februar 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Monday, January 31, 2011, Anders Lund wrote:
> > Please do not make everything the desktop, as long as it is not keyboard
> > accerssible! I avoid using plasma-notebook, since it is an interface for
> > clickers.
> please do not make knee-jerk reactions. please create informed opinions,
> ask questions reasonably and i promise that you'll get informed,
> reasonable answers.

Please do not be rude, you end up making me feel bad every time you answer any 
question or comment I make. If you can not handle that I do not always see 
things same way you do without being unnice, please ignore me.

> so ... SAL is keyboard navigable. keyboard shortcuts can get focus to any
> given widget. the thing i did notice that isn't keyboardable when testing
> right now is tab-ing out of the top shortcut strip.

My experince with SAL so far is that I start it, look at it and do not know 
what to do except clicking in the entry field, which makes me immediately go 
back to the normal desktop. For SAL to work like that, the search entry should 
have focus when it is displayed, which is not currently the case.

It it would do that, it would be usable, and in fact be what I have been 
looking for for long time: A SAL that is in the center and having space enough 
to make it really easy to pick the desired result.

Of course there are other concerns: The current dashboard display is not 
working well, the background is too noisy behind it, and very much I actually 
have very valuable widgets on my desktop that I use often, and that I can 
display or hide hide with a single shortcut. Hey Plasma have very great value, 
thanks again for that :)

So the message is not that I am against improvements or evolution, rather that 
I strive for them being usable for everyone, including keyboard users. The 
good keyboard support is one of my favorite KDE features!

> ad the intention is not to make "everything the desktop" :)

Good :)

Venlig hilsen,

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