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Rick Stockton rickstockton at
Mon Dec 26 07:40:39 GMT 2011

Thomas, Todd, and Albert: this is pointed at you guys for suggestions. 
Thiago, it's mostly FYI at this point. Final design and subsequent 
coding in Qt, starting in about a week.

I have created a Qt Devnet forum Thread for work on Mouse Shortcuts. 
It's at
Right now, it's only got my initial post, which proposed code based on 
the same scheme as keyboard shortcuts (QKeySequence, QshortcutEvent, and 
QShortcut working with Qt signals and slots.) In my SIMPLE design, there 
will be 3 ways to invoke a mouse-based shortcut: mouse button click, 
button doubleclick, or holding one button down while clicking a second. 
You will not be able to mix keyboard keypress events and mouse button 
events together as a shortcut invocation sequence. (Invocations will 
consist of QKeySequence sets on the keyboard, OR mouse button actions -- 
not the two together.)

Although, of course, you will be able to execute the same shortcut 
Action by performing alternative invocation sequences on the two 
devices. The 'Back' Shortcut Action, for example, will be invoked by 
either 'Alt + left' on the keyboard, OR the back button on the mouse. 
(Both as Qt-provided defaults.)

I probably don't understand misunderstand Todd's current thoughts it -- 
because Todd speaks of handling multiple Devices at a very low level. 
With Qt5 platform plugins, nearly all Devices have really simple, 
high-efficiency input Event handling, so maybe you'd want to move the 
DBus interface upwards (maybe into QShortcutEvent, or QShortcut itself). 
But I'm not going to even try: If I were to propose messing with 
Shortcuts in the platform plugins, in a "heavyweight" way, the response 
would likely be a very firm "absolutely not acceptable, in any form".

Todd, if my GUESS is BAD, please correct me here on the ML -  and I will 
post your correction (with no edits) into the working forum pages.

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