KDE/4.8 branch created

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Tue Dec 20 23:10:51 GMT 2011

> Am 20.12.2011 22:18, schrieb Dirk Mueller:
> > As a preparation of KDE 4.8 RC1 I've created a KDE/4.8 branch for all
> > released  modules except for kdelibs, where I'm waiting for feedback if
> > creating a 4.8 branch makes sense for just one patch (see other mail
> > today).
> I have at least one patch pending that has been applied to 4.7 but I
> couldn't apply it to master because it was restricted.

I think the idea is to branch KDE/4.8 off of KDE/4.7, and move our bugfixing 
to KDE/4.8. (Just like with other modules.)

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