Suggestions for some KDE default options

Markus Slopianka markus.s at
Tue Dec 13 01:57:11 GMT 2011

On Dienstag 13 Dezember 2011 01:31:24 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Sending the trolls to the distro mailing lists like Markus did between the
> lines is NOT helpful, we can't use them any more over there than here!
> Those "suggested" defaults don't make any more sense in distros than
> upstream.

Well, in some cases they make sense. For some time openSUSE chose to disable Strigi by 
default because it caused trouble on the live CD. No idea whether it's still openSUSE's 
default (I simply upgrade all the time, keeping my current settings).
No bouncing cursor, classic menu, Colibri notifications,... are valid suggestions for 
distributions. They may refuse to implement those but still: Those are exactly the kinds 
of features distributions even exist.

In other cases the "suggestions" are outright foolish: Switch to Compiz and disable 
compositing? WTF? Compiz works only as composite WM -- that's where it got the name
from. ;-)

I am also on opensuse-kde and fedora-kde. At least on these lists I'd be happy to inform 
him that his suggestions show that he's not the target audience. ;-)


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