Suggestions for some KDE default options

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Mon Dec 12 19:30:39 GMT 2011

On Sunday 11 December 2011, Eike Hein wrote:
> This isn't k-c-d material, obviously flamy and bikesheddy,
> and most likely a case of our esteemed list mods having
> had a too luxurious breakfast on this fine Sunday morning.

I'm sorry, but censorship is not part of my job description. I share 
your opinion about this message. Nevertheless, I chose to approve the 

Markus made exactly the right reply, constructive (except for the 
"whining" bit) and to the point. You didn't. Your reply was not really 
helpful. In fact, I, as one of your "esteemed list mods", find it 
outright insulting.

> Thank you for thinking of our list climate!

I'm wondering why you ask from others what you don't do.

Ingo (moderator)
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