Suggestions for some KDE default options

Markus Slopianka markus.s at
Sun Dec 11 15:51:55 GMT 2011

Setting defaults targeted at specific audiences is the responsibility of distributors.
Maybe someone at your distribution wants to listen to your whining. 

On Samstag 10 Dezember 2011 16:33:33 Bartolomé Méndez Zuloaga wrote:
> Hello, list!
> I thought it may be reasonable to change several KDE default options.
> Here are some of my suggestions:
> - Disable Strigi. It's slow, sometimes renders the computer unusable
> and doesn't even work. Most users (if not all) just disable it on
> first login. The rest don't know how to do it, just think KDE is
> freaking slow, and then switch to GNOME.
> - Disable Nepomuk completely. It's common to see it eating megs and
> megs of RAM with no reason, even when there are no applications or
> services making use of it.
> - Use Plastique on widgets and windows. Oxygen is beautiful but much
> slower than Plastique.
> - Disable compositing. KWin compositing has proven itself to be
> unreliable, sluggish and sometimes completely unusable.
> - Switch to Compiz by default. That means we would have to build it
> into KDE, but I personally think it's worth the effort. It just works.
> If the user prefers to use KWin, he can do so too.
> - Encourage the user to use Wicd instead of NM. I don't say Wicd is
> better than NM, but at least the Wicd KDE client works, the NM applet
> (a plasmoid) does not. Maybe it doesn't work because it was built on
> an unreliable platform such as Plasma.
> - Disable start-up events. The bouncing cursor, for example. It only
> works with 30% of the applications; the rest will leave the cursor
> bouncing for 30 seconds.
> - Remove the activities. No one understands them or their real
> purpose, so it's just noise.
> - Use the classic menu. Kickoff is a pain in the ass; the user should
> be able to switch back to Kickoff if (s)he wants to.
> - Use reKonq. Some distros already do it. There's no reason for KHTML
> to exist; it's useless.
> - Use Calibri notifications. Calibri notifications work! Plasma
> notifications do not, well, if we don't consider that a stack of
> malformed widgets means "working."
> Well I think that's all. Thanks for reading me, and thank you all very
> much for making this desktop environment ROCK!
> --
> Bartolomé Méndez Zuloaga
> Presidente de la comunidad de vecinos
> Calle Desengaño, 21
> Madrid

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