Suggestions for some KDE default options

Bartolomé Méndez Zuloaga miammelapela at
Sat Dec 10 15:33:33 GMT 2011

Hello, list!

I thought it may be reasonable to change several KDE default options.
Here are some of my suggestions:

- Disable Strigi. It's slow, sometimes renders the computer unusable
and doesn't even work. Most users (if not all) just disable it on
first login. The rest don't know how to do it, just think KDE is
freaking slow, and then switch to GNOME.
- Disable Nepomuk completely. It's common to see it eating megs and
megs of RAM with no reason, even when there are no applications or
services making use of it.
- Use Plastique on widgets and windows. Oxygen is beautiful but much
slower than Plastique.
- Disable compositing. KWin compositing has proven itself to be
unreliable, sluggish and sometimes completely unusable.
- Switch to Compiz by default. That means we would have to build it
into KDE, but I personally think it's worth the effort. It just works.
If the user prefers to use KWin, he can do so too.
- Encourage the user to use Wicd instead of NM. I don't say Wicd is
better than NM, but at least the Wicd KDE client works, the NM applet
(a plasmoid) does not. Maybe it doesn't work because it was built on
an unreliable platform such as Plasma.
- Disable start-up events. The bouncing cursor, for example. It only
works with 30% of the applications; the rest will leave the cursor
bouncing for 30 seconds.
- Remove the activities. No one understands them or their real
purpose, so it's just noise.
- Use the classic menu. Kickoff is a pain in the ass; the user should
be able to switch back to Kickoff if (s)he wants to.
- Use reKonq. Some distros already do it. There's no reason for KHTML
to exist; it's useless.
- Use Calibri notifications. Calibri notifications work! Plasma
notifications do not, well, if we don't consider that a stack of
malformed widgets means "working."

Well I think that's all. Thanks for reading me, and thank you all very
much for making this desktop environment ROCK!

Bartolomé Méndez Zuloaga
Presidente de la comunidad de vecinos
Calle Desengaño, 21

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