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Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Fri Dec 9 13:38:59 GMT 2011

On Thursday, December 08, 2011 17:12:05 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > yes, i skipped the details. done properly it should be linking
> > libkactivities. this is an acceptable short term work-around given it's
> > in a branch, while doing it "right" requires the modularization to be
> > complete for at least libkactivities dependencies.
> Or it'd require just building everything as one package as we've been
> doing  before, which is the easiest way to avoid circular dependencies…
> Modularization keeps causing problems like this.

Yet it's worth it and we will finish this effort so the whole situation is 
cleaner again. Besides, the code mentioned under "the details" (which you 
refer to) is not part of kdelibs for exactly that reason.

> FWIW, since we're planning to ship Plasma Active alongside Plasma Desktop
> in  Fedora 17 (parts are already in Rawhide), we'll likely carry these
> patches anyway (if they get released as part of the Plasma Active
> patchset), though we are no fans of copied classes just to avoid circular
> dependencies (There ought to be a better solution!).
> I find it also quite funny that the very people complaining about 
> distributions patching in features into their kdelibs are doing that very 
> same thing as part of their Plasma Active distribution…

You could be more specific, more productive, more reasonable and more friendly 
here. :)

Let me explain a bit the situation for those would like to understand it 
better:  There are two reasons, why we patch some packages for PA:

- QA, while the patches are OK for the limited scope of Plasma Active, they 
  might not be for the desktop, we're basically not providing *any* guarantee 
  that the patches we're shipping for PA are usable on Plasma Desktop, and we 
  haven't tested it. Use at your own risk, make sure you understand what they 
  do. I'd recommend against doing what you plan. There you go, I still 
  recommend not to patch kdelibs.

- Timing, with the above bits about QA in mind, we've not yet integrated our 
  PA-specific changes in master in all cases. (Actually, the stuff we needed 
  for PA1 has been merged, but we came up with a bunch of new things for 
  PA2 we'll trickle into master according to the release schedules and freeze 
  policies. We definitely do *NOT* want to disrupt Plasma Desktop with things 
  that we need for Plasma Active, and that aren't finished as of yet.

You can be sure that everything we do goes into master eventually.

Patches that go on top of Plasma Active might not be suitable for the desktop, 
so I'd be careful with that. You don't want to have the bugs you filed closed 
because they're caused by non-standard kdelibs (which is a) the reason they're 
not shipped with SC, and b) not waste ours and your time with that.

Bottom line: Please work *with* us, not against us. Assume positive.

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