The Frameworks: 2011/12/04 Meeting

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Mon Dec 5 19:26:39 GMT 2011

Hello KDE!

I am glad to let you know that the first KDE Frameworks IRC meeting happened 
last night, and it was very productive. The main goals where to get everyone 
up to speed on what's going on in the different areas, but also to identify 
where effort are needed.

The meeting involving a bunch of hackers had this natural tendency we all love 
to sometimes gets very indepth in tangential technical topics, but we covered 
quite some ground nonetheless. Here is my own executive summary of the 

We're right now having three different efforts running concurrently:
 * Improving CMake and our use of it
 * Merging features in Qt 5.0
 * Splitting kdelibs

Understandably we aknowledged that so far the CMake and Qt 5.0 efforts have 
seen the most work. It's a base work really needed for the splitting to happen 
as it depends on both.

We also identified thanks to feedback some inaccuracies in the documentation 
available now in the wiki[KFW] which was to be expected since the paint on it 
is still fresh. It's nice because we got "to the point" issues identified, and 
in reaction to that I added to the list a fourth on-going effort regarding the 
communication around KF5 with the relevant issues.

This new effort will revolve around mainly three topics: giving some rythm to 
the development (expect milestones and aggressive planning soonish), improving 
our newborn documentation (one of the main triggers), and outreaching to 
people volunteering to help.

Overall, we all agree that it is the right time for more people to step in. 
Obviously you still need to be resilient to evolving documentation, don't 
hesitate to ask question, help us fix the documentation where it is subpar, 
and volunteer to help. As pointed out by Stephen Kelly recently: be proactive! 
be bold! be a doer!

We closed the meeting with some extra tasks for the people attending, and I 
took time tonight before sending out this email to process them, applying them 
if necessary, or filling them where they belong in the wiki.

I'd like to thank Nicolás Alvarez and Mario Fux who dedicated time and effort 
to this meeting and contributed meeting notes[MN]. I also posted the full 
unedited IRC log[IL].


Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud patron of KDE,
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