Review Request: Allow opening files and directories by pressing 'Enter' or 'Return'

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sun Aug 28 07:23:44 BST 2011

> Allow opening files and directories by pressing 'Enter' key. In case
> multiple files are selected when enter is pressed, all of them are opened.
> In case of multiple directories, the first directory gets opened in the
> current tab, while the other directories open in new tabs.

Nice idea, but: I think there should be some sort of confirmation dialog if 
there are more than something like 10 items selected. Opening many things at 
once can be an immense resource hog, especially on older systems. So before 
you open 1000 OOo presentations you really wanted to delete instead it would 
be nice if one would get a chance to keep the computer alive.

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