frameworks branch now requires CMake 2.8.6 RC 1

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Aug 27 09:03:15 BST 2011


CMake 2.8.6 RC1 is now out.

As discussed at Randa and on kcd, I've just now made the frameworks branch 
depend on it.

I'll bump the requirement again next week when RC2 is out. You can either 
use the RC1 version or cmake master for now. As the required version will be 
rolling until 2.8.6 stable is released, it probably makes sense to use 

CMake 2.8.6 has a few things we're interested in, namely feature_summary, 
which replaces macro_log_feature, and AUTOMOC support built in.

Unfortunately the AUTOMOC feature has tiny a bug which makes it unusable 
(generated moc files are put in CMAKE_BINARY_DIR instead of 
CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR), but which is fixed in the RC2.

Please test out the new cmake in general, and the feature_summary stuff in 
particular. The formatting of the output of feature_summary is not great, 
but can be improved. See the feature_summary_formatting branch in cmake 
stage if you want to improve it.



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