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Fri Aug 26 13:40:55 BST 2011

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011 23:06:55 John Layt wrote:
> Not being too clued up on how we would hook this all up (Solid I guess?) 

solid seems the wrong place to me as that is about hardware awareness 
(networking, powermanagement, hotplug; those types of things)

what i'd suggest is coding it up in the time dataengine[1] to show it works; 
that will cover all the usages of date and time in the various plasma shells.

other possible locations that i can think of include:

* the various KDE or Qt date and time classes, but none of those are QObjects 
(a good thing in this case), so no way to signal the application from them

* KGlobalSettings already has a bunch of signals for things like font, icon, 
cursor, etc. changes; unfortunately that's in kdeui right now due to all those 
UI bits so wouldn't be available to CLI-only apps

* QTimer; it's already a QObject and it would be nice to have support in there 
for such cases (as an option; not all timers want to be accurate to the actual 
time on the clock, but just time elapsed). that would also solve the Plasma 
situation as the time engine uses QTimers to keep itself updated

someone else may well have an even better idea than the above of course :)

[1] kde-workspace/plasma/generic/dataengines/time/

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