git workflow draft

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Fri Aug 26 11:06:26 BST 2011

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

>> >
>> > No branches should be prefixed with "KDE"; we consider that a reserved
>> > name.
>> > Nor topic should branches be numeric in nature (such as a version
>> > number) as
>> > those are reserved for actual release branches. (Sys admin at the
>> > meeting indicated that it is likely they will eventually put a push
>> > hook in place that
>> > prevents such "incorrectly" named branches.)
>> Was this decided upon at some point?  I got conflicting stories from
>> sysadmin and other developers.  Yesterday after migrating
>> kdeaccessibility to git I was asked by a sysadmin to rename the X.Y
>> branches to KDE/X.Y  I think concensus and consistency are important
>> here.  Was there a decision that the official branches should be named
>> X.Y?
> My vote goes to "KDE/X.Y", it is clearer what it means.

When the frameworks get split out into multiple repos, will they still use 
branch names KDE/5.0? What will that mean? Or will we come up with another 
scheme then?



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