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Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Wed Aug 24 07:06:06 BST 2011

Am Dienstag, 23. August 2011, 08:15:50 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On Monday, August 22, 2011 11:33:49 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> > Was this decided upon at some point?  I got conflicting stories
> > fromsysadmin and other developers.  Yesterday after migrating
> > kdeaccessibilityto git I was asked by a sysadmin to rename the X.Y
> > branches to KDE/X.Y  Ithink
> personally, i prefer the KDE/X.Y style as well; and as we haven't had more
> accidently pushes of X.Y branches as people have become accustomed to the
> git tools more, the original reason for suggesting to move away from
> KDE/X.Y to just X.Y seems to have gone away?

I also prefer the KDE/x.y scheme. The reason is rather simple: if a popular 
application (let's say Amarok) which has a well-known version number that 
differs from the KDE version number decides to release together with the KDE SC 
one could simply do 2 tags: a.b for the application version and KDE/x.y for 
the corresponding KDE SC version.

In fact I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to do this for things that are 
part of the SC anyway, e.g. throw some tags for the KGpg version numbers in 
that scheme too.

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