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On Sunday, 21 de August de 2011 21:07:05 Alex Merry wrote:
> On 21/08/11 15:23, John Layt wrote:
> > So lets turn that on its head. Lets write a statement saying why we
> > need a spec and what it needs to achieve. Mention we have an existing
> > solution that would be a good starting point, but don't actually
> > detail it. Then send that to xdg and Gnome and Unity and anyone else
> > asking who are the right pople to talk to. Hopefully those people then
> > decide it's a good thing and agree to work together to develop a
> > standard. If they're not interested then we get to draft it ourselves
> > knowing there can be no complaints.
> On the other hand, what's the point of creating a "cross-desktop
> standard" without anyone involved from other desktops?  We're just
> creating a KDE standard and slapping a "cross-desktop" label on it,
> which is kind of missing the point.
> Although KGlobalAccel could really do with a nicer D-Bus API.

It wouldn't be the first time someone pushes a spec without a second user of 

But the point is that we should open up the discussion and do the work of 
elaborating a spec. We have identified a need and we have a solution for it. 
I'm sure others see the similar problem, even if they don't have the time for 
it now (à la status notifier spec).

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