kdeinit (was: Summary from Buildsystem BoF at Desktop Summit)

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Sat Aug 20 13:09:34 BST 2011

On Saturday 20 August 2011 12:20:55 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> That I agree: klauncher is systemd for KDE only, so we should see about 
> getting the same benefits from systemd instead.
> There are two drawbacks with that, though:
> 1) systemd will not likely ever run on non-Linux systems, not even the BSDs. 
> Lennart simply isn't interested on ensuring compatibility and might even 
> reject patches which introduce differences to Linux-specific behaviour.
This is a point where we should start thinking how much sense it makes to still target non-Linux 
systems at all. If we can share more code and achieve more by switching to systemd and we 
decide to not do it and duplicate code because we want to support BSD, Solaris and 
$otherosnobodyuses we do IMHO a hughe mistake and harm ourselve.

Systemd is not the only thing missing on non-linux, there is the complete graphics stack which is 
years behind (that means: Qt 5 won't support it), you still need hal, Wayland is impossible and 
so on and on. Given the number of bug reports and build-fix commits from non-Linux OS we 
receive for example in kwin there is no reason at all to target anything than Linux.

Our system is fragmented enough even without supporting non-Linux systems.

Summary: let's not discuss the loss of BSD support when discussing the switch to systemd. If 
BSD wants to still support KDE, they need to catch up fast and far.

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