How to view resolved conflicts in a merge?

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Tue Aug 16 21:09:21 BST 2011


I've just locally merged KDE/4.7 into frameworks. Before I push I want
to review the conflicts and their resolutions, and I expect other
developers would want to do the same.

The merge showed that some commits in 4.7 have not made it into
frameworks. We really should merge in that direction, not cherry-pick
as everyone is currently doing.

I couldn't make git show me the conflicts. I tried git show, which
surprises me as it shows a 3 way diff of a single file which was
apparently not in conflict (full output attached). I also tried
several variations of git diff frameworks^...origin/KDE/4.7.

How can I see the conflicts resolved in a merge? Do I just see no
conlicts because I chose the frameworks branch in every hunk (which
actually I don't think I did)?


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