Summary from Buildsystem BoF at Desktop Summit

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Aug 16 11:05:41 BST 2011

On Monday 15 August 2011 Aug, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> Me (Alex) argued 
> that most of the stuff in these macros adds only convenience for (lazy) KDE 
> developers, and will probably not be accepted.

Lazy is good... When doing a pure Qt app with CMake, I actually use a copy of all the KDE cmake extensions :-).

> - requiring that developers add find_package(kcore), find_package(kio), 
> find_package(kjob) etc. is acceptable
> - there won't be a KDE4 compatibility file, among others because due to the 
> reorganization there may not be libraries which exactly represent the 
> functionality contained e.g. in kio now

Altogether it looks like there will be a huge porting effort needed for a suite like calligra :-(

Boudewijn Rempt,,

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