KDE 5, Qt 5 and QML - What is advised for writing new (KDE) applications in the long term?

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 15:22:08 BST 2011


Times are interesting right now!
- Qt is focusing heavily on Qt5.
- KDE is focusing on KDE 5 (plasma 2 and making modules mainly)
- QML is the new big thing!

Now for application developers like me, and probably everyone reading
this list, some uncertainty is popping up. At least for me. This is
specifically with QML and Qt code for KDE applications.

An example. Right now I've written a small application in QML and C++
for managing todo items. In QML i display everything, apply fancy
effects and such. In C++ i manage the data model and fill it from an
external source. The questions i have here is what is "the right"
approach these days for making an application that in time could be
targeted for KDE SC inclusion? Note: the above example is just that,
an example!

1. Write the application in Qt mostly and use kdelibs where needed?
2. Same as 1. but make the GUI in QML like i did in the example above?
3. Skip C++ altogether and make in in QML only?
.. more options?

I personally like option 2 the best since i get everything i want and
i just dislike making an entire desktop application in JavaScript
whatever the performance is.

But what is the goal (or desire) for KDE with the plasma desktop and
all KDE apps? Full QML all the way? or like option 2?
I know Dragon is going to use the phonon QML and some more QML elements.

I would like to know your opinion.


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