playground-libs/libkvkontakte has moved to kdereview

Alexander Potashev aspotashev at
Tue Aug 9 11:07:49 BST 2011


playground-libs/libkvkontakte moved to kdereview today. The next
target for this project is extragear/libs. This project is a library
for interaction with the most popular social network in Russia (also available at using its public API
documented atДокументация (only
in Russian). libkvkontakte is already being used by
playground-pim/akonadi-vkontakte and the KIPI export plugin for
VKontakte which will be hopefully released with digiKam SC 2.1.0 in

Some parts of code in libkvkontakte are based on
playground-pim/akonadi-facebook written by Thomas McGuire and others.

Please, review.

Alexander Potashev

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