Plan to transition to KDE Frameworks

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Mon Aug 8 20:30:21 BST 2011

On Sunday 7 August 2011 08:58:46 Allen Winter wrote:
> On Sunday 07 August 2011 7:45:12 AM Stephen Kelly wrote:
> > I think maybe people didn't get the memo that there isn't going to be a
> > KDE 4.8?
> Huh?  I am 100% against that plan.
> I can go along with saying that kdelibs is "done" at 4.7 (bugfixes allowed)
> and making future KDE 4 releases based on kdelibs 4.7.
> But I can't go along with KDE 4.7 being the end of the KDE 4 series.

It looks like a mistake in Stephen email, I think he very probably meant 
"kdelibs 4.8" not "KDE 4.8".

Yes there will be more releases of KDE Applications and Workspaces 4.x.

Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud patron of KDE,
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