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Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Thu Apr 28 15:08:20 BST 2011

Le 04/28/2011 02:52 PM, Harald Sitter a écrit :
> On Thursday 28 April 2011 11:54:13 Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>> Having all the configuration featurs of oxygen-settings in
>> systemsettings is simply not an option (it has been discussed at length
>> among oxygen devs).
> It does not have to be in the existing KCMs ;) (i.e. see what Ben wrote).
> All I am saying is, not having a settings UI appear in SystemSettings but in
> the menu is rather confusing from a user POV.
>>> Icon probably should be start-here-oxygen.
>> mmm. I'm confused. There is no "start-here-oxygen.png" icon in themes,
>> whereas there is an oxygen.png icon (well, in oxygen theme). But maybe I
>> should rather ship the icon (and install) with the application ?
> Oh my bad, I was thinking of start-here.png, which is not suitable. Basically
> I think there are 2 options here:
> a) ship your own icon
> b) use oxygen.png
> Latter is not very advisable iff you choose to have the app listed in the menu,
> as the implementation of the menu (think gnome-menu) is responsible for icon
> lookup, which of course then fails if the used icon set is not oxygen. For a
> KCM/SystemSettings entry that would be a none-issue as IIRC KIconLoader always
> tries to look for icons in oxygen as second to last option.
> So, if your desktop file is only used within a KApplication (such as
> SystemSettings) you can use any icon from the oxygen set knowing that it will
> always be displayed, if your desktop file can be used by non-KApps you will
> need to ship an icon for the application and install it to the hicolor theme.
> Also see [1].
>>> General note about the Settings category: I think in a default setup
>>> only
>>> SystemSettings is listed in Settings (which will not make it show up in
>>> the menu at all), adding another application entry to the Settings
>>> category will make it show up in the menu... a menu with 2 entries (of
>>> which one is already listed by default in kickoff favorites *and* the
>>> kickoff computer tab) seems like bad default appearance to me *shrug*
>> Fine with me (and I agree about your concern).
>> Any better Categories suggestion ? (or alternatively, where do I find
>> the list of available Categories) ?
> [3] contains a list of all registred cateogires.
> [2] is the main spec on desktop files, it points to other relevant specs as
> needed (which includes [1] and [3] of course ;)).
> I do still believe that integrating the app to show up within systemsettings
> rather than the menu would be the way to go though :)

You, and Berto and Ben got me convinced.
I'll do that.  Thanks a bunch for the feedback and advice.

> [1]
> latest.html#install_icons
> [2]
> latest.html
> [3]
> registry

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