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Thu Apr 28 11:01:23 BST 2011

>From a purely user's POV I'd say it should stay in system settings. Where
exactly is not a problem (users will figure that out), but people go there
for settings.


On 28 April 2011 12:57, Hugo Pereira Da Costa <hugo at> wrote:

> Le 04/28/2011 10:45 AM, Harald Sitter a écrit :
>  On Thursday 28 April 2011 09:26:52 Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>>> For 4.7 I'd like to make this advanced tool available via kde' launcher
>>> menu.
>>> Good idea ? Bad idea ? Objections ?
>> Personally I do not think if they are of genuine use, the options should
>> be in
>> SystemSettings; having a second application that manages system settings,
>> even
>> at smaller scope, seems confusing to me.
> Hi again,
> sorry for the noise.
> Alternatively the whole thing could be its own entry accessible in one of
> the cathegories (to be decided) of systemsettings main page. Is that what
> you had in mind ? (though this would require some work since right now it is
> not of kcmshell type).

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