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Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Thu Apr 28 08:26:52 BST 2011

For a couple of releases, oxygen widget and decoration style comes with 
an "advanced" configuration tool, called oxygen-settings [1], and 
accessible (so far) only from terminal (or krunner).

For the record: there are already 'basic' configuration tools available 
at the usual places in system-settings for the decoration and the style 
with a much more limited set of configuration options, the idea being 
not to expose newcommers and casual users to too many options of which 
they simply do not care (such as the duration of the animations). On the 
other hand, another advantage that I see for oxygen-settings is that it 
regroups the widget style and decoration options at the same place.

For 4.7 I'd like to make this advanced tool available via kde' launcher 
Good idea ? Bad idea ? Objections ?

Also I guess need a .desktop file for that.
Never wrote such a thing before, so some other expert pair of eyes would 

The content I came up with by looking at various other desktop files is 

Advice welcome,


[1] Screenshot:

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