Alberto Mattea alberto at mattea.info
Tue Apr 26 20:54:58 BST 2011

In data sabato 23 aprile 2011 05:03:22, Raphael Kubo da Costa ha scritto:
> Alberto Mattea <alberto at mattea.info> writes:
> > Hi, kcmgrub2 has been under review for two weeks now. I've done all the
> > suggested changes.
> > Would it be possible to move it to kdemain/sysadmin or (if that's not
> > possible) to extragear/sysadmin?
> By the way, is there any relationship between kcmgrub2 and kcm-grub2?

Hi, sorry for the delay, I was on holiday for Easter. I'm the maintainer of 
kcmgrub2, kcm-grub2 is an independent project by Konstantinos Smanis.

So, is it possible to do the move?
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