KWallet changes between 4.4 and 4.6?

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Tue Apr 5 13:25:05 BST 2011

Rolf Eike Beer wrote:

> Am Montag, 4. April 2011, 16:30:04 schrieb Stephen Kelly:
>> Hi,
>> Distros are still shipping KDEPIM 4.4 with their next release along with
>> kde{,pim}libs 4.6.
>> I'm testing it and getting errors like
>> and then this one in a dialog:
>> "There have been repeated failed attempts to gain access to
>> a wallet. An application may be misbehaving."
> I can confirm this and other oddities like HTTP passwords I have to enter
> on every startup even if they should be saved.
> CC'ing kdeutils since at least the KWalletManager stuff is there.
> Eike

If you're using kdepim 4.4, that could explain it. That uses a sub-eventloop 
which probably confuses dbus calls to kwallet.

My latest patch on the 4.4 branch of kdepim to fix the akonadi self test 
dialog stuff should fix it (if using kdepimlibs 4.6 or greater).

Distros should probably cherry pick that. It will probably be getting into 
kubuntu soon I think.

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