oxygen _gtk_ style and svn repository

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at oxygen-icons.org
Thu Sep 30 22:11:26 BST 2010


for a week or two I've been working on a native gtk (+cairo) port of the 
oxygen style, that do not rely on Gtk-Qt-engine (cause it is slow and oxygen-
Qt is too fancy for it to work reliably on such engine), nor on hard coded 
pixels (because then you can't match any settings changed in oxygen-qt).

Since yesterday we joined effort together with Ruslan Kabatsayev who's been 
working on a similar thing independently, and now, to make collaborative work 
easier, we'd need a 'publically' accessible svn (or git) repository (and my -
ignorant- favor would go to svn).

Is there any objection against me adding an oxygen-gtk subdirectory into 
svn/kde/playground ? (though the idea of having some gtk code in kde repo is a 
bit scary to me). Or does anyone have a better solution ? 

Just for the teasing, here is a recent screenshot of my themed 'ccsm'


(no I don't use compiz - I use kwin, but it turns out ccsm is a good app to 
test progress and glitches).



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