Filelight into kdereview (again)

Martin Sandsmark sandsmark at
Wed Sep 29 23:36:53 BST 2010

On Sunday 26. September 2010 01.25.22 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Yes, is. But that action always uses the program's name in it's display.
> Which is "Konqueror" if embedded in Konqueror :) So
> KStandardAction::preferences() does not work here. You have to create an
> action on your own.

Aha, yes, I looked at the kdelibs code.

Fixed now.

> You could also think about omitting a special "Configure Filelight" entry
> for Konqueror (confuses the user anyway, as they selected "Radial Map" in
> "View"->"View Mode" and not "Filelight", so what is this "Filelight") and
> have the config module also embedded within the ones of Konqueror, similar
> to like the Dolphin filesystem views are only configurable there.

Hmm, I'll look into that.

> That bigger statusbar even stays once you switch away from the Filelight
> view. Please file a bug for Konqueror if you do not find the reason when
> digging into it.

I created a bug report for myself, I'll re-assign it if necessary.


> No, I meant when the mouse moves over the next item which could be selected
> in the filelight view. Currently that one is selected instantly if there
> is a mouse event over the item. That way you have to move your mouse
> pretty fast out of the window so it does not trigger a single event over
> anything else in the view to prevent to have another item selected.
> Hm, the menu comparison seems a bad one currently, at least with Oxygen.
> There selection of new items in it is now done also instantly. But I
> remember there is a time-delay possible, to be able to go with the mouse
> cursor directly to lower parts of the submenu just opened, i.e. with
> passing other items of the parent menu for a few milliseconds without
> having them triggered, so the submenu is not switched, to that one of the
> menu item you only wanted to pass.
> Got a better idea what I mean?

I think so, but won't this make the UI feel nonresponsive or sluggish?

> > There are (as far as I know) more diversity in local filesystems than in
> > remote ones, hence why I chose to continue with the shortest list. The
> > best thing would be to have this information from solid, though.
> Please file as bug to them, so they know :)


> If you like, okay. Removing the root of evil still preferred if possible.
> ;)

Well, the root is removed, I'm just not guaranteed that Filelight isn't run 
with an old version of Solid, was my idea. :-)

> Please also help out with
> as Alexander requested, some i18nc with proper comment should do.


> The minimum-height-bigger-than-my-screen-resolution seems a problem only
> experienced by Albert so far, so I consider that something to be solvable
> after the move.

Yeah, I've been unable to reproduce it here. I asked him to try to reproduce 
without a filelightrc (informally on IRC), but I don't think he ever came back 
to me.

> Will you do the move yourself, or do you want me to do that?

I just did it, hope I didn't screw up anything. :-)

> Will add a section on for it, or do you plan to keep the
> old/current homepage for it? Max Howell still involved in filelight?

Max has moved on to greener pastures, so to speak. :-)
I don't have a page for it at the moment, so a section on would 
probably be nice.

> Please also do not forget to subscribe to
> , the low-traffic
> coordination mailinglist of kdeutils.

I've been subscribed since I first though about moving Filelight to kdeutils. 

Martin T. Sandsmark

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