Help make the KDE Platform modular, instead of complicating each single KDE program

Anders Lund anders at
Wed Sep 29 21:44:33 BST 2010

On Onsdag den 29. september 2010, Jaime wrote:
> > But hey, why not just use linux (or another free os)? ;)
> > 
> > Anyways, harddisk space or memory can't be a problem these days. If you
> > want
> > to use KDE software, using it with features cut of to save harddisk space
> > (or
> > memory) is ridiculous!
> > 
> > Normally I do not write about os wars, but in that case....
> There are users that I've tried to install KDE SC for w$ that do not want
> to install it because the installer downloads a lot of files (to a folder
> only), and installs a lot of files (to another folder only).
> Those are the same users that install Games that copies 1 Gib to their hard
> disk.
> Those are the same users that install a mail client that uses 400 Mib of
> their hard disk, and installs a lot of "strange" dependencies, like an
> Instant Message client.
> They are so used to the InstallShield installers, with only one .exe file
> with everything inside, where you do not see what/how many files are being
> copied (where?), that anything different makes them scare.

I'm sure they can get a nice editor or whatever they need for which they do 
have the required dependencies.

To me, the point is that KDE is very much about integration. Not all KDE apps 
that I use are killer ones, and sometimes I get frustrated by regressions or 
odd misbehavior, but i use them because they intgrate so well. 

All in all i get a very well working environment. Some apps I use really ARE 
killers - but they are so much because of all that integration. All those 

I used a qt app today, and while it blends in nicely from a quick glance, 
presenting me with nice KDE file dialogs for example, it somehow lacks the 
nice integration. Nice KDE style completion, for example. I experence that 
quite often.

I do not think the qt-only versions are as good as the KDE ones.

I do think that KDE applications are worth the dependencies.

This is part of the value of KDE, and I do not think we should loose that 
value to make windows/mac/gnome users worry less about dependencies. It would 
not make sense!

Venlig hilsen,

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