Help make the KDE Platform modular, instead of complicating each single KDE program

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Sep 29 20:06:21 BST 2010

  Am 29.9.2010 19:51, schrieb Friedrich W. H. Kossebau:
> Hi Nick,
> Mardi, le 28 septembre 2010, à 19:10, Nick Shaforostoff a écrit:
>> 2010/9/28 Martin Sandsmark<sandsmark at>:
>>> I'd rather you spend your time making it easier for people to get kdelibs
>>> on Windows if you care about Windows, as this will also benefit other
>>> KDE applications (like KTorrent and KMail and whatnot else I imagine
>>> Windows people would like).
>> I ran kdewin installer. Just selecting a simple app like kate triggers
>> installing a lot of packages I don't need, like mysql, soprano,
>> phonon.
>> If I want to show filelight to a typical windows user, he would reject
>> this when he sees the huge (also in terms of disk space) package list
>> that is needed for it.
> Easy to fix: just comment out the call in the installer code which makes it
> shown to the user ;) And blame the time needed to download on a poor internet
> connection.
There is already an approach for single package installers with a 
reduced gui - see
> But do you really plan to go and patch all those programs to make them plain
> feature-poor Qt programs (besides, almost noone would welcome such patches, me
> included)? Just think about how you can be way more effective if you go to the
> root and help the teams working on support for $other systems, by splitting up
> the KDE Platform into smaller chunks and making some of the platform features
> even optional, so dependencies are as small as sensible.
This is true. See the following example:

kate depends on the following packages (from 

@deps kate-vc90 libkdesdk-vc90
@deps libkdesdk-vc90 kdebase-runtime-vc90 kdelibs-vc90 kdepimlibs-vc90
@deps kdebase-runtime-vc90 kdepimlibs-vc90 kdelibs-vc90 oxygen-icons
@deps kdelibs-vc90 qt-vc90 phonon-vc90 attica-vc90 pcre-vc90 
runtime-vc90 qt-vc90 dbus-vc90 kdewin-vc90 qimageblitz-vc90 qca-vc90 
strigi-vc90 soprano-vc90 taglib-vc90 aspell libbzip2 expat giflib iconv 
jasper jpeg gettext libpng libxml2 libxslt openssl tiff zlib 
shared-mime-info win_iconv
@deps kdepimlibs-vc90 kdelibs-vc90 boost-vc90 libical cyrus-sasl gpgme

there are many dependencies, which are probably not required for kate. For example the kdepimlibs-vc90 dependencies ? Why is is required and if yes, how could the related part/library be packaged separatly to avoid the complete kdepimlibs package ?



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