dependencies on KJS/KHTML in kdelibs and kdebase-runtime

koos vriezen koos.vriezen at
Tue Sep 28 22:17:30 BST 2010

2010/9/28 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>:
> On Monday, September 27, 2010, koos vriezen wrote:

> we've been demo'ing plasma shells driven by multitouch via Qt's gesture
> framework for a while. we've been working on small screened devices with both
> Plasma Netbook (/ Tablet) and Plasma Mobile.
> i wish in this case i could say, "we should be talking about these things
> more..." but we've been blogging, screencasting, putting stories on the dot
> for what, over a year now about these exactly issues.
> where do you look for information about these things? because obviously we're
> not hitting that.

There is just so much to read that I'm already happy I've skimmed the
titles on the various news/planet sites. And that only when I don't
have any inspiration to do much development myself.
(Pretty sure I'm not the only developer who could be much more
productive in his/hers free time if there wasn't so much excuses not
to program :-)

Thanks for your insights btw.

>> Obviously, with the exception of sensor based applications, all apps
>> have a desktop counter part. I'm not blind, ported my app too. Looks
> the goal should be that a reasonably well written application that is
> topically relevant to a mobile setting wouldn't need "porting". a new UI
> draped on top, perhaps, and that should be _easy_ to do.
> yes, this is different to how many desktop apps are written today. and some of
> our apps simply aren't topically relevant in a mobile setting. but many would
> be if we think about tablets, fewer if we think about phones.
> but for the libraries? they should be repurposable without pain. and this is
> what this thread is about :)

Well, I'm sceptical about that. I think that an app developer can save
itself lots of time to just do a real port. The app probably gets a
better abstraction between the platform UI and app specific UI too,
taken that both ports are maintained. Of course this takes some time
to pay off.

>> Given that touch is fairly new compared to the desktop, no doubt
>> things diverge further.
> i actually think they'll converge rather than diverge, into a nice long device
> spectrum. that's how to aggregate developer effort and how to get users what
> they _really_ want -> the tools they use, travelling about with them.

Hmm, I don't see that many changes on the desktop the last 10 years
(you no doubt would argue that there wasn't plasma back then :). E.g.
my PC, an dual core 2 is three years old and I really have no reason
to upgrade any time soon.

Use cases are so different, I can sit for my PC the whole day, will
takes months before my N900 gets some much eye-time. Still I use this
device more than one-two ours per day.


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