konq plugins, new kde module? (Re: KParts::TextExtension)

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Sep 28 12:08:10 BST 2010

On Tuesday 28 September 2010, Dawit A wrote:
> You can go ahead and commit... 


> I just need someone to create a kwebkitpart folder under branches/


> > In fact, I don't understand why they are in extragear. I mean, yes, the
> > initial idea for kdeaddons was "so that they can be optionally
> > installed", but nowadays it means "and they have a separate release
> > cycle" which makes no sense whatsoever, given that they are tied to
> > konqueror anyway.
> Agreed. Makes no sense to me neither...
> > Every time someone changes something in kdelibs or konqueror which
> > affects the plugins, this same problem arises. Not that we make bin
> > incompat changes, but just depending on new features (from kdelibs or
> > konq) is a huge issue every time.
> Yep, that is a very big problem right now...
> > ==> How about we move these plugins to kdebase?
> > Not all of them - not entirely separate views like fsview, but at least
> > the HTML-related plugins, like rellinks, adblock, uachanger, babelfish,
> > validators, domtreeviewer, khtmlsettingsplugin, searchbar?
> > They are certainly not essential -- nothing ever is -- but they go
> > together with konqueror, really. I actually miss kdeaddons for this; it
> > had the advantage of being "not in the core set of packages" while still
> > being tied to KDE SC releases, so it didn't have the extragear issue of
> > "I have no idea which version of kdelibs I'm being compiled against".
> > Why did we drop kdeaddons, again?
> How about simply creating a new KDE repo, "kdeplugins",  which should
> only be used for containing optional plugins for applications that are
> already part of one of the standard KDE packages ? That way the module
> would not be used as a dumping ground for everything that does not fit
> one of the other standard packages...
> Regardless though the plugins need to go somewhere where they can be
> properly branched and tagged to avoid the current maintenance
> nightmare...

I agree, kdeplugins sounds like a good idea.

Released as part of KDE SC, but with a build-time dependency on the other 
modules, so that it can use libkonq, akregator code, etc.

Any opinions, anyone else?

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