klickety moved to kdereview

nihui shuizhuyuanluo at 126.com
Tue Sep 28 08:08:54 BST 2010

hi, all

I have moved klickety from playground/games to kdereview.
Klickety is an adaptation of the Clickomania game. The rules are similar to those of the Same game: your goal is to clear the board by clicking on groups to destroy them. The overall aim is to get the lowest score possible. It will provide entertainment for all abilities, but a challenge in logical thought if you want to get a really low score.

It is a completely rewrite, using qgraphicsview framework, kgamerenderer.
The new klickety supports svg themes and custom background.
Features include show/hide bound lines, animations, highlighting, undo/redo, save/load game, sound notification, custom game, game pause, game difficulties.

There is also a ksame mode. So it's possible to replace ksame with klickety. Users should be not aware of the difference between ksame and klickety-ksame mode. klickety currently owns a copy of ksame menu entry and icons besides its own main menu entry and icons.

I would like to move klickety to kdegames module and replace ksame.

Please move klickety l10n translation files to the proper places, thanks.

Thanks for any reviews and comments. Please CC your sincere comments to kde-games-devel mailinglist. I haven't subscribed kde-core-devel.


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