dependencies on KJS/KHTML in kdelibs and kdebase-runtime

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Sep 27 18:08:45 BST 2010

On Saturday, September 25, 2010, koos vriezen wrote:
> Afaiks, its inevitable for KDE apps going mobile, to fork or port to
> Qt based libraries completely. Not to mention that kdelibs is more or
> less targeted as being a complete DE controller.

some of our apps already work just fine, others have been designed with a nice 
UI separation which makes retargetting them easy (as opposed to a fork or 
full-on port) and many of the great things in kdelibs are not "desktop" or 
"mobile" (thinks like configuration storage), others are built with the device 
spectrum in mind already (e.g. libplasma).

even then, it is innevitable that there will be modifications to kdelibs to  
make it hit certain targets. the hope is that we can minimize the delta by 
making kdelibs itself as close to what is needed as possible.

kdepim (aside from their wild adventurs on wince, which is understandable 
given the constraints there) have been very good about upstreaming changes as 
they can. i'd like to encourage that behaviour and ensure it can continue. 
every place that we can reasonably offer a solution that works out of the box, 
the more upstream participation we will receive in turn.

we've even been adjusting the build system in kdelibs to have different build 
profiles that include/exclude different parts of kdelibs to make these efforts 
easier and hopefully more unified downstream.

now we just need to work on the flawed mindset of old time mobile developers 
that "anything developed on a desktop computer certainly can't be worth 
anything on mobile" despite reality showing otherwise. ;)

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