[WebKit-devel] KParts::TextExtension

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Mon Sep 27 16:09:21 BST 2010

re: frameURLs(): URLs won't work quite right as keys for frames here;
as it's possible to have multiple about:blank iframes with different
dynamical content.

On 9/27/10, Dawit A <adawit at kde.org> wrote:
> One more thing I was thinking about when looking at the searchbar
> plugin code... Would the ability to search for the specified text,
> i.e. text selection in reverse, be appropriate in the
> KTextSelectionExtension API ? Something along the lines of
> void selectText(const QString&);
> We would need this to implement the "Find in this page" feature of the
> search bar plugin...
> Regards,
> Dawit A.

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