Review Request: Cleanup KLed

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Fri Sep 17 04:47:00 BST 2010


> * If possible, I would not have the gradient at 45 degrees like it is now, I
> would have it a bit closer to horizontal or vertical.  Having it at an
> angle that is +/-45 degrees looks artificial to me,the chance of a light
> source really being at that angle is slim.  I also don't like having the
> light of the gradient in the sunken version right on the corner, which
> this would fix. 

Unfortunately the situation with lights is somewhat complicated. What you want 
to have is the same light source as the rest of the widget style. Styles like 
oxygen, bespin, QtCurve are lit from the top. Styles like skulpture, 
plastique,  phase, are lit at 45o, consistently with the kled screenshots. 

Also, Qt default raised and sunken frames (not the StyledPanels), are also lit 
at 45o (see for instance the kmail 'progress' widget that appears when you 
click on the arrow at the bottom). 
So both solutions (or none) are actually acceptable. 

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