Implementing shift delete in dolphin, some help would be nice.

Mark markg85 at
Mon Sep 13 20:45:06 BST 2010


I'm trying to fix this bug:

And for that i made this patch:

However i have a few issues.
I'm using "KModifierKeyInfo" :
am having issues getting it to work. The way it's used in the patch blocks
the gui. This is what happens, in the patch i listen to "shift" key pressed
while opening the context menu however, the effect is that the gui now
simply blocks when you press shift on a selected file followed by a right
click (to open the context menu).

Another issue i have is: How can can change the "Move to trash" to "Delete"?
I made a class wide for it: "m_deleteOrTrashMenuEntry" but if i change it to
some other menu entry while the context menu is open it simply remains what
is was before i changed it... I guess i need to repaint something but what?

I hope this made some sense and that someone can point me in the right
direction to solve this issue.

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